Highly recommended….
Just to introduce myself,I have been part of two pageants since last year and have been crowned as Mrs India East 2018 and Mrs Asia Universal 2019.
I got in touch with Shivanee just a few days prior the finale and trust me, her online consultation works like magic. I am a busy banker so never had much time for going out and taking grooming sessions(already I was running short of time). Shivanee has helped me in each and every aspect of my pageant preparation, be it shopping of gowns or dresses or accessories, and preparing for interviews. She was patient , understanding and very dedicated. Her knowledge in Enhancing the image and her way of providing solutions is incredibly awesome. For eg While her consultation she would go to every detail of my requirements and the nitty-gritty what is required for the pageant & would come out with a solution which is acceptable by both.
I would like to thank you whole heartedly (though thanks won’t be enough) for your amazing helpful nature and hardwork.Keep up the good work and wish you all the very best for your life.

Nandita Goldar

Mrs Asia Universal 2019 - 22/8/2019

She has been my guide in choosing the right colours for right occasions. Especially during public appearances. Thank you Shivanee for making people look and feel good about themselves.

Supriya Chitre

Founder and Director, Udaan Foundation - 22/8/2019