‘Confident Public Speaking’ is an extremely powerful skill needed in the workplace. The aim is to overcome the mediocrity in one’s existing presentation skills, by developing the building blocks of theoretical planning and delivery excellence.

This a one to one online coaching service. It is an unique opportunity to get trained on how to deliver speeches or pitches or presentations from the comfort of your home. One can start from the scratch and become a confident speaker in series of weeks. Through these weeks we would build the strong foundations necessary for excellent communication. You would have to deliver many speeches during the sessions, both prepared and impromptu (which would be recorded for your reference only).

There’s no shortcut to success. I can offer you powerful techniques but I’d need your commitment and patience in undertaking all the exercises through the series of weeks. By the end of the coaching sessions you would discover your new and enhanced confidence as a speaker. Always remember that your ability to communicate effectively with peoples affects all aspect of your life.

Pre-requisite: Ability to speak and understand English.

Duration : 16 hrs (2 hrs per week for 2 months. The client would have to invest another 2 hrs per week towards preparation for the session)

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