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Educative Styling: Embracing and Encouraging Beauty.

Women are at their most powerful self, when they feel good about themselves. Beauty is one of the factors that makes us feel good. It has the power, to affect the way we feel about ourselves. Admit it or not ‘Feeling Beautiful’ is powerful.

Sometimes, the cover page of a magazine grabs your attention and you gaily look at the model, wearing a lovely dress. With a grin on your face you deeply desire that dress. Suddenly you find yourself downhearted as the voice within says “When you are slim like this model on the cover page, you can wear whatever you like BUT you are a plus size”. Within seconds, to your mood has shifted from being happy, to being inconsolable. Does it sound familiar?

Weight gain has myriad reasons and to name a few are: age, hormones, child birth, busy life style, genetics, emotional turmoil etc. It’s often seen that women, having gained weight are unhappy about the way they look. Shopping for clothes is no longer a breezy affair but it’s rather tiresome. One thing leads to another and slowly we lose interest in dressing up. We don’t realize that until pointed out by someone.

Your increased body size is not an excuse to avoid that flirty tête-à-tête with your mirror. Back in our leaner days, we smiled mischievously after buying a nice dress. Our eyes brightened up, after trying that awesome shade of the lipstick.  Our eyes said kudos, while staring into the mirror. A slight dose of narcissism is never bad.

Having a plus size body doesn’t mean we stop feeling happy about the way we look. Beauty is beyond the myth of size. Beauty is all about creating visual balance with aesthetic proportions.

I help my clients with Educative Styling over the 5 weeks of online one-to-one personal styling camp. It’s my mission to help women with plus size bodies to find their own style and look all pulled up, chic and at least 5 years younger!


Intelligent Styling: The Quick Fix Solution.

The styling need of every woman is different. Whether you are a college student or a professional or a home maker, irrespective of the age group, profession and body type, the ‘Intelligent Styling Strategies’ are the handy tools, to look ravishing, all the time. These quick fix strategies would help you to add innovation to your existing wardrobe. You don’t need to buy an entire set of outfits to be stylish. You just need these strategies.

The internet has plethora of information on styling various body types such as hourglass, pear, apple, inverted triangle, banana, diamond etc. The information available is like the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath is huge. There are 24 Body types with several sub-body types. Style has a lot to do with knowing who you are: your body and your mind.  With the complete knowledge of the styling strategies for your exact body type & personality, you look harmonious and stunning.

Intelligent Styling saves you time and money.





Speak in Public with Confidence.

The fear to speak in front of an audience is one of the causes of career stagnation. Many people get uncomfortable with the very idea of making a presentation in office, college or project group. It gives them butterflies in the stomach, dry throats and sleepless nights. They fear to speak up and share their ideas.  This fear of public speaking is dangerous, if you want growth in your career. Years of experience adds confidence to ones voice. Do you want to wait for years to make an effective presentation? Can you afford to shy away from taking questions in a meeting? Or keep working hard and let others take away the credit, because of their presentation skills?
Would you like to create successful pitches, speeches and presentations? If Yes, then get ready to speak confidently in any situation. Learn the techniques of public speaking, which would help you to make your presence felt.
In 5 weeks with 15 hours of training and many speeches (prepared as well as impromptu) you would be ready to speak confidently to an audience.

Online One-to-One Consultation

      All consultations are done online via video chatting apps (Skype, WhatsApp, Duo). You have the comfort of being at your home, or any other place in any corner of the world. All you need is a high speed internet connection!

Since it’s a progressive process, we work through a number of fun exercises, that helps you to understand the various elements of your image enhancement journey. What works best for you depends not only on external factors but also on your personality and lifestyle. Hence each solution is tailored.

Discover and celebrate your uniqueness