From Dull to a Brighter Look.

We all love to have that healthy glow on our faces. But there are days when we look dull due to our hectic schedule. Running around the house and completing the chores, managing the work pressure and dealing with the never ending to do list.

The chances of existence of a magic wand is slim but we can create magic even through the tired look on our faces. But that needs some preparation. Indulge in an aerobic activity for 30 minutes such that your cheeks are warm with the blood flow in the facial capillaries. Click a pic of your cheeks. Enlarge the pic on your phone or a computer and match it one of the colours as shown in the picture above. Your cheek colour would resemble to one of the following colors (could be a shade or two lighter/darker): Red, Pink, Coral, Salmon or Raspberry.

Find a lipstick which is a shade or two darker than your lips. When your skin looks dull and tired, just dab this shade of lipstick on your cheeks & lips (don’t swipe it across the lips). Blend them well with your fingers and you are ready with a nice healthy glow on your face!

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  1. Hi Shivanee
    Love your website and your business. Looks like you would have lots of fun helping women do this.
    I was wondering if I could ask you for some honest advice please?
    My name is Gabrielle and I live in Melbourne Australia. I currently fly for Qantas airlines and am wanting to step away from flying so much and more into training.
    I’m wanting to start a business in corporate speaking in etiquette which is a new direction for me. I am looking at doing some courses at the BSOE, and they said you had done the course and I was wondering what you thought of it and if you thought it was worth doing the whole thing or just some components. I’m thinking maybe the Train the Trainer course and The build your business, and polished professional.
    I’d love to know what you thought and if there was any others you did that were good.? Thank you so much in advance and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    1. Dear Gabrielle,
      Please accept my sincere apology for the delay. I do recommend BSOE and specifically a private course with Mr. Philip Skykes.
      I wish you luck with the new path that you’ve chosen.

      Warm regards

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